Bitcoin mining: Can it be profitable in 2020? Finder Canada

Can I do this?

Can I plug 6 GPUs (for bitcoin mining) into these
And power it with this
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Can I do this?

Can I plug 6 GPUs (for bitcoin mining) into these
And power it with this
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Would I be able to do this?

Can I plug 6 GPUs (for bitcoin mining) into these
And power it with this
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$INTV Integrated Ventures Signs A Multi Year Hosting And Marketing Agreement With PetaWatt Properties, LLC
PHILADELPHIA, PA / ACCESSWIRE / May 8, 2019 / Integrated Ventures Inc (OTCQB: INTV) ("Company") is pleased to announce a signing of a Hosting and Marketing Agreement with PetaWatt Properties, LLC. As result, the previously contemplated transaction to acquire Erie Power, LLC has been terminated, due to (1) need for a significant capital requirements to re-start plant and build out mining infrastructure, (2) up to 6 months time line for launch of mining operations, (3) need for a significant dilution due to the recent stock pricing weakness and (4) company's ability to secure a similar deal, in terms of power cost, without any additional investment.
>The Agreement
On May 7, 2019, Integrated Ventures has signed a three-year Agreement with PetaWatt Properties, LLC, which will allow Integrated Ventures (1) to consolidate and streamline all mining operations (NC, PA and NJ) into one location, (2) to eliminate Company's lease obligations and payroll expense and (3) to lower its power costs by over 50%, thus greatly enhancing mining profitability and long-term viability.
In addition, Integrated Ventures intends to market PW's services to diversify its business by offering hosting and pool services via a la carte packages to third-party miners and market participants.
> Crypto Market Is Coming Back!
Digital currencies are an emerging asset class underpinned by blockchain, a transformational technology with use cases in virtually every industry.
After experiencing historic growth (growing from a $7 billion market cap in January 2016 to a more than $600 billion market cap by late 2017), the cryptocurrency market entered a bear phase.
However, recovery has been strong in recent months, with Bitcoin's value increasing nearly 70% from December 2018 to May 2019.
Growing Institutional interest, a low cost of mining equipment and ROI are key factors for investment at these levels.
> Business Strategy
The company has formulated and plans to execute a 6 step plan, designed to position INTV for the next bull cycle:
  1. Operational Restructuring. To streamline and improve profitability of current operations, the company is switching from warehouse mining to third party hosting model, based on monthly flat fee and resulting in elimination of all major expenses such monthly lease, payroll, etc. All mining equipment (775+ rigs) is scheduled to be connected by May 30th.
  2. Securing Competitive Electricity Rates. By partnering with PetaWatt, Integrated Ventures will secure access to a lowest power pricing structure.
  3. Generating Cash Flow via Hosting & Mining Revenue Share Services. Integrated Ventures intends to generate significant revenue through reselling of hosting and revenue share services.
  4. Locking-In Record Low Hosting Rate. Newly secured Integrated Ventures' access to the most competitive power cost, will allow the company to utilize and market one of the the most competitive hosting rates in the industry, thus driving profitability and demand for long-term hosting contracts.
  5. Implementing All-In-One "Plug-and-Mine" Mining Solution. Integrated Ventures will offer clients an access to best hosting and pool rates for ASIC and GPU miners, creating a "We Work" -style turn-key mining option for miners seeking a fast market entry combined with a cost effective hosting and pool space.
  6. Purchasing Discounted Mining Rigs from Secondary Markets. Integrated Ventures will keep costs low by purchasing equipment on the secondary market, a strategy that was not possible when the market was in its infancy.
> Why Ramp Up Now?
MarketStability: Bitcoin, and the broader crypto market, have been in recovery following a prolonged bear cycle. Bitcoin has risen from a low of $3,200 in December 2018 to roughly $6,000 in early May, 2019. The cryptocurrency sector market cap has risen from roughly $100 billion to $190 billion over the same period.
GreatPoint & Less Competition: The cryptocurrency market's performance in 2019 indicates a reversal has occurred. However, the markets current total value is still less than 1/3rd of its value in January 2018. Additionally, the bear market was responsible for significant miner attrition. Competition has eased, creating greater profits for those still mining.
>Revenue Opportunity
Integrated Ventures will grow and earn revenues as follows:
Integrated Ventures will have reliable long-term access to inexpensive electricity through its three-year agreement with PetaWatt. An access to the low cost power is the key that will allow Integrated Ventures to mine far more profitably than most of its North American competitors and provide hosting services at the market's most competitive price point.
Cost certainty, created by uninterrupted access to affordable power, will allow Integrated Ventures to incorporate all of the above strategies into our business model.
The model allows Integrated Ventures to weather market downturns better than its competitors, while also positioning the company to earn significantly higher returns than its competitors during bull cycles.
Finally, Integrated Ventures will operate and host both ASIC and GPU mining equipment. The importance of this is the flexibility it provides.
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$INTV Gains in Bitcoin Reignite Crypto Fever - Companies Aim to Lower Mining and Energy Costs

Integrated Ventures Inc. (OTCQB: INTV), a company that engages in digital currency mining operations through manufacturing equipment; selling mining rigs, as well as developing blockchain software, recently announced the signing of a Hosting and Marketing Agreement with PetaWatt Properties, LLC. As a result, the previously contemplated transaction to acquire Erie Power, LLC has been terminated, (1) due to a need for significant capital requirements to re-start the plant and build out mining infrastructure, (2) up to a 6 month timeline for launch of mining operations, (3) a need for a significant dilution due to the recent stock pricing weakness and (4) the company's ability to secure a similar deal, in terms of power cost, without any additional investment. On May 7, 2019, Integrated Ventures signed a three-year Agreement with PetaWatt Properties, LLC, which will allow Integrated Ventures to consolidate and streamline all mining operations (NC, PA and NJ) into one location, to eliminate the Company's lease obligations and payroll expenses and to lower its power costs by over 50%, thus greatly enhancing mining profitability and long-term viability. In addition, Integrated Ventures intends to market PW's services to diversify its business by offering hosting and pool services via a la carte packages to third-party miners and market participants. The company has formulated and plans to execute a 6 step plan, designed to position INTV for the next bull cycle:
  1. Operational Restructuring. To streamline and improve profitability of current operations, the company is switching from warehouse mining to third party hosting model, based on monthly flat fee and resulting in elimination of all major expenses such monthly lease, payroll, etc. All mining equipment (775+ rigs) is scheduled to be connected by May 30th.
  2. Securing Competitive Electricity Rates. By partnering with PetaWatt, Integrated Ventures will secure access to a lowest power pricing structure.
  3. Generating Cash Flow via Hosting & Mining Revenue Share Services. Integrated Ventures intends to generate significant revenue through reselling of hosting and revenue share services.
  4. Locking-In Record Low Hosting Rate. Newly secured Integrated Ventures' access to the most competitive power cost, will allow the company to utilize and market one of the most competitive hosting rates in the industry, thus driving profitability and demand for long-term hosting contracts.
  5. Implementing All-In-One "Plug-and-Mine" Mining Solution. Integrated Ventures will offer clients an access to best hosting and pool rates for ASIC and GPU miners, creating a "We Work" -style turn-key mining option for miners seeking a fast market entry combined with a cost effective hosting and pool space.
  6. Purchasing Discounted Mining Rigs from Secondary Markets. Integrated Ventures will keep costs low by purchasing equipment on the secondary market, a strategy that was not possible when the market was in its infancy.
Integrated Ventures will have reliable long-term access to inexpensive electricity through its three-year agreement with PetaWatt. Access to the low cost power is the key that will allow Integrated Ventures to mine far more profitably than most of its North American competitors and provide hosting services at the market's most competitive price point.
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[À Lire] Tout sur Monero, résumé en Français

Qu'est ce que Monero (XMR)?
Monero est une (crypto-)devise sécurisée, personnelle et intraçable. Monero est Open-source et librement accessible à tous.
Monero est une vraie monnaie que tout le monde peut réellement utiliser dans la vraie vie. Il permet simplement de recevoir des paiements sans de soucier de la provenance des fonds. Avec les systèmes dit 'transparents' comme Bitcoin, Ethereum, Verge ou Dash (par exemple), les personnes ne peuvent qu'espérer (ou bien passer pas mal de temps à vérifier) que le payeur n'a pas utilisé ses fonds de manière frauduleuse. De plus, les vendeurs ne souhaitent pas que les acheteurs soit tracés et connus de tout, tout comme chacun d'entre nous ne veut pas que tout le monde sache combien nous dépensions. Si je dépense plus que je ne devrais sur Amazon, c'est mon problème.
Monero est différent car chacune des transactions est toujours privée. Il n'y a aucun moyen pour une mine ou une plateforme d’échange de devise de désactiver ces transactions privées. Par conséquent, l’anonymat offert par Monero dépasse largement celui des autres cryptomonnaies. À ce jour (depuis le fork de septembre), 100% des transactions cachent l'émetteur, le receveur et le montant. Il n'y a également aucune raison d'avoir peur d'effectuer une transaction privée, puisque toutes les transactions Monero le sont. En aucun cas une transaction peut "briller" plus que les autres.
Cette "privacy" (ce qui relève du privé, au sens personnel) est apportée par ces 4 principales technos :
Il y a bien d'autres choses qui font que Monero est un bon projet :
Maintenant que vous être familier avec Monero, et êtes convaincu qu'il utilise ce qui se fait de mieux en cryptographie, qu'apporte-t-il de plus par rapport aux autres crypto-monnaies ?
Suis-je un forcément un délinquant si j'utilise Monero ?
Non, bien sûr que non. Monero se considère comme la monnaie de la liberté. Il est possible d'en faire ce que l'on veut, où on veut, quand on le veux. Cependant, il n'est évidement pas conseillé de mettre tout ses revenus dedans, bien que nous croyons fortement dans son utilité dans la vie réelle, il y a toujours un risque non négligeable lié aux marchés boursiers. Après, ce que vous en faites ne nous regarde pas ! (et il nous serait impossible de le savoir ! ;) )
D'où vient le mot "Monero" ?
Monero vient de l’Espéranto. Il signifie "pièce de monnaie", "monnaie" ou "devise". Le pluriel de Monero est "Moneroj"
OK. Comment débuter ? Comment stocker mes Moneroj ?
Nous recommandons UNIQUEMENT l'usage des logiciels officiels:
Guide d'installation pour grand-maman !
Y a-t-il un portefeuille léger pour Monero ?
Pas pour le moment, mais il est possible d'utiliser l'interface officielle en la connectant à un nœud existant. C'est vrai que le client officiel est relativement lourd, mais les équipes de devs travaillent durement à son allègement.
Y a-t-il d'autre moyen de stocker des Moneroj ?
Oui, il existe plusieurs portefeuille pour mobile, mais nous ne les recommandons absolument pas car ils ne sont pas issus de développements officiels. Certains ont fait état de perte de Moneroj, de vol ou autre. Si vous voulez tout de même utilisez un portefeuille tiers, faites le en tout état de cause et de connaissance, et pour de petites sommes. La plupart de ces portefeuilles tiers possèdent vos clés privées (ce qui sert à générer votre adresse, et ne doit absolument pas être connue de quiconque (sauf peut-être un avocat, pour vos enfants au cas où )) et donc les moneroj présents ne vous appartiennent pas.
Comment acheter des moneroj ?
Il existe plusieurs plateformes d’échange de cryptomonnaies contre des devises.
Pour changer des crypto-monnaies entre elles:
En France, il existe La Maison du Bitcoin, qui permet d'acheter des bitcoin par virement ou carte bleue. Il suffit ensuite de changer les bitcoins pour des Moneroj (XMR) via Shapeshift ou une des plateformes d’échange listées ci-dessus.
Où trouver une bonne mine (pool) ? Monero Pools
Quel logiciel de minage utiliser ? CPU:
J'ai un commerçant qui accepte uniquement les bitcoins, mais bitcoin n'est ni privé ni anonyme. Comment faire ?
Il est possible d'utiliser XMR.TO, mais il serait bien de sensibiliser votre vendeur sur l'absence de privacy et d’anonymat inhérent au Bitcoin. ;)
Liste des ARNAQUES avérées:
SubReddit en relation avec le Monero:
(tous en Anglais)
Ce post est une tentative hasardeuse de traduction faite par moi même du post original du sub principal. Si vous voyez une erreur, une coquille de trad ou une tournure de phrase ambiguë, dites le moi !
Je tenterais la traduction d'un des guides d'utilisation du GUI...
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The KABN Network

hello friends I'll tell you little about KABN project, but first I want to tell you about the security of crypto money

The purpose of creating crypto money is to provide digital information exchange with a process that is made possible by certain cryptography principles. The purpose of cryptography is to secure money transactions and control the creation of new funds. The first Crypto Para is Bitcoin in 2009. Today, hundreds of different crypto currencies are used and they are often called “alternative crypto money Günümüzde. In other words, crypto is like an electric current that is converted into code by lines with a monetary value. Even simpler, crypto money is a digital currency. Unlike central banks, where governments have determined the value of their currency, no government has control over crypto money. Because there is no center to control this money.
Many crypto coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) are designed to be produced less in time, thus creating a market value. This is different from the currencies used by states. Because the government can print more money at any time on favorable terms and thus increase the inflation. For example, in the Bitcoin market, there will be no more than 21 million units of units. Although there are hundreds of crypto currencies, most of them have emerged using one of two protocols; POW or PoS. All Crypto Coins are kept by crypto-money miners who have prepared their computers or ASIC machines to ensure the verification and processing of money transactions.

KABN Ecosystem

The KABN Ecosystem offers customers the ability to prove their identity without providing sensitive documentation to 3rd parties and to harness the power of digital currencies and to convert and spend them like traditional currencies, or Fiat, anywhere that Visa is taken while engaging in robust engagement and loyalty programs that provide continuous value.
The KABN Network is an integrated suite of financial services that includes the Pegasus Flyte Visa Card, an approved crypto-linked prepaid Visa card and mobile integrated multi-currency banking wallet; KABN KASH, a robust loyalty and engagement program and the network anchor, KABN ID, a patent pending, Always On, GDPR complaint, blockchain and biometrically based, identity verification and validation platform.
KABN’s mission is to create a world-class suite of products and services that support the decentralized market economy, globally enabling consumers to take control of their digital identity and personal data, connecting them with Cryptocurrency-linked financial services and loyalty platforms.
As cryptocurrencies and other digital currencies grow globally, there is an ever-increasing need to convert them into traditional currencies (i.e. USD and Euros) for use in traditional spending.
KABN’s integrated suite of products, which has received approval by Visa, solves this major challenge by empowering digital currency holders to spend in-store and online, as well as, access ATMs globally wherever Visa is accepted.

\Pre-production cart art subject to network approval*
KABN has been approved to issue a reloadable prepaid Visa card starting in Europe in Q1-Q2 2019 and intends to expand to other jurisdictions. Each consumer customer who is screened and passes the KYC/AML on the KABN platform is eligible to receive a KABN-issued Visa card and corresponding banking wallet.
The KABN Card program aims to allow spending crypto in the real world. Presently, it is difficult to convert cryptocurrency into local currency. Exchanges increasingly offer trading pairs with stable coins instead of actual local currency. In many cases, withdrawals take weeks via international wire transfers. There are certainly exchanges that allow same-day withdrawals but these, management has found, are rare and in the minority. In certain cases, transfer fees are only viable for large deposits and withdrawals. With the KABN Card Consumers can immediately convert their crypto currency into fiat.
KABN’s technology has been built, their partners are in place, they have been approved by Visa and they are ready to go for their European launch in the 2nd quarter with an expected expansion to North America later this year.

Bounty0x Username: arifcakir13
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: After Butterfly Labs collapses, engineers find new jobs at 21 Inc.


After Butterfly Labs collapses, engineers find new jobs at 21 Inc.

A bitcoin miner has shipped on time. Yes, that is news. A new venture-capital backed company, 21 Inc., has released a miniature bitcoin miner that they call a "Bitcoin computer". For $399.99, you get a Raspberry Pi, an SHA-256 ASIC board, and a giant fan.
Again, this is news: normally, a manufacturer of bitcoin miners would overdesign and underengineer their equipment, or, if they managed to ship something functional, it would be so poorly engineered -- and over budget -- that it be an explosion waiting to happen and/or priced comparably to a four-door sedan.
21 Inc. has done something remarkable in the Bitcoin world: they started a company that operates like a legitimate business. They're even listed on, a company that's so strict with vendors that Nintendo was kicked off their system for not kissing enough customer ass.
Okay, enough with the praise.

This thing sucks.

The "computer" certainly deserves a place in the VC world, along with the other products consisting of wild promises and inane use cases. For the price of 4 Raspberry Pi computer kits, you get the following:
(If you have a remote desire to develop applications that use bitcoin, stop here. Go through that list and buy just those items above. You don't need anything else. If you're looking for comedy, or if you're a sucker with too much money, read on...)

Is that all I get for my money?

Those products alone don't allow you to make Bitcoin applications, apparently. You need these things, too:

How about the software demos?

It's difficult to justify developing a $400 computer that can't do much. So, to entice some customers, 21 Inc. included demos that try really hard to make customers feel inspired. Here are just a few things that 21 Inc. claims were totally impossible before their product existed:

What are the real customers saying?

The packaging is slick:
"This @21dotco computer came already opened..."
The hardware is reliable:
" must have lost power, which caused my SSH keys to become corrupted."
The software is revolutionary:
" will be more expensive to pay for your spotify subscription via your electricity bill, but a lot of people don't care."

I want to buy it anyway!

Go ahead. I won't stop you. Oh, and 21 Inc. doesn't accept bitcoins.
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Why I think the banks wont be able to kill Bitcoin.

EDIT: --Or possibly wont even try.
So a quick thought experiment. I'm sure that today Bitcoin blips are showing up on the radar of many of the major banks. Most, especially the very powerful, are likely preoccupied with the current world economic crisis and the great many wars they have started over currency. And few even understand the economics of Bitcoin, and just think its silly.
Bitcoin is clearly a very fast moving technology. Like the internet, it is difficult to put brakes on a project that millions of people are working on simultaneously toward a shared goal of security and reliability. Its adoption curve and the potential to profit make it a very enticing investment. True innovation and serious problem solving is greatly rewarded within the Bitcoin space. Currently the computational power protecting the network, its rate of growth, and the market capital of Bitcoin are all growing at an alarming rate.
When a major bank finally decides something should be done about bitcoin, they will likely begin with their usual avenues of control, the law. We are beginning to see this this now actually. This means bitcoin regulation, control, and identification. Well, the Bitcoin community and a massive group of cryptographers/programmers in general are working to subvert the current surveillance revelations and finally secure the internet for privacy and user freedom. I believe it was Adam b. Levine who said "They pissed off the wrong people... we are going to rebuild the internet from the ground up as a darknet of darknets." This regulation and financial law battle could last a number of years, much like the piracy battle has, and is likely to produce similar results. Which are a more robust, more difficult to control, and more secure protocol. Plus, any and all advances in computer security, privacy, cryptography, and decentralization, ALL areas currently experiencing massive growth and innovation, inevitably make Bitcoin stronger, whether its intended to do so or not.
When regulation is finally seen as counterproductive, Bitcoin could be massive. This is when all the powerful banks will suddenly realize that this Bitcoin thing needs to be stopped for good. But I think at the same time there will be a great many number of smaller banks, Paypals, Shopping cart services, credit unions, and competitors who will finally see Bitcoin as a way around the oversight and control that the largest banks exert over the rest of the industry. Much of the industry feels the same way as we do about the big banks. No one likes being told what to do.
At this point the only "feasible" attack on the network (so far discovered) will be the 51% attack or at least an outright computational attack, whether to slow the network, spam the blockchain, block transactions, or whatever they can do to hurt or compromise the system. However by the time they reach this point, the price and growth of Bitcoin should in fact be a few orders of magnitude greater than it is today, otherwise whats the point of attacking it at all? If it stops growing right now, it will never be a threat.
To the general public, Bitcoin will start looking like Apple or Google as they became the dominate players in the tech industry. And some of the banks may see it this way too. Now, if you were spending billions of dollars on ASIC hardware for an attack against the next "Apple," is it totally unimaginable to think that one of those banks might actually realize what a massive advantage it could be to just mine honestly for 10% of the mining power rather than losing a massive amount (possibly billions) on a completely profitless endeavor to attack what has been over its lifetime one of the greatest investments in recent history? Don't you think ONE of those banks will be greedy enough to say "fuck the arrangement I made with Goldman Sachs, I'm going to own a chunk of this network."
The parallels are seen all over the place in the tech world. Some publishers do everything they can to attack online piracy and file-sharing, others invest in ebook distributors, Apple iBooks, online book clubs, and new filesharing systems. Some of the movie industry is attacking the internet with every lawsuit it can think up. But some are also investing in Netflix, Online streaming, digital rental services, Youtube, Vimeo, and entirely new systems for distributing and/or displaying digital media.
Now some might say, "but the banks spend trillions on massive wars to accomplish nothing but maintaining the dollars hegemony." BUT, those wars have direct relationship to the demand for the dollar. If they can estimate the cost of an Iraq war, and the benefit of putting in a dictator that prices every resource in dollars only, they can know that the action will result in higher demand for the dollar. In a world where the entire financial industry realizes that Bitcoin is big enough to be a serious threat, there is little reason to suppose that killing bitcoin would have any lengthy gains for the demand of dollars. People will flock to Bitcoin because they have already lost trust in the dollar. Trust will not be suddenly restored because Bitcoin dies, the public would likely instead flock to even smaller and more numerous alternatives as well as gold or silver. It's not exactly the same guarantee as getting one dictator in power and having an entire country's worth of commodities and resources priced in dollars.
You cant forget that a lot of big banks also spend their time beating the hell out of smaller banks. I have had many conversations at my personal bank about all the issues they have with "asking permission" and I know that the owner of my local bank would love to see some of the big players lose their stranglehold over the financial system.
The more I think about how this same battle has played out in so many other areas of the internet (file sharing, music, movies, publishing, media, journalism, and so on), the more I think the only time to truly kill Bitcoin may actually be right now. But I don't believe they are in any position to correctly assess or understand the threat that Bitcoin poses. Therefore, when they finally see how much of a problem it will be, it will be too late to stop it, they will not be able to achieve consensus, and there will be too many people (entrepreneurs, smaller banks, online payment processors, tech companies, a new and exploding internet micro-transaction industry, China, publishers, filmmakers, music distributors, companies with blockchain denominated contracts/financial assets, and multiple layers of protocols built on top that further secure and compliment the underlying Bitcoin network) that attacking it will be pointless.
IMO the profit motive will simply outweigh the massive headache and significant cost of trying to break the system. Yes, the banks are powerful, but the great depression we find ourselves in is compromising that power and will inevitably kick a lot of players out of the industry. I think the only way Bitcoin will die is if the entire current financial system has total consensus that Bitcoin should be destroyed and as well as the exact method needed in order to do so. And I can't bring myself to believe, despite trying, that there won't be massive infighting in the financial world and we may very well see a few big players support Bitcoin at the same time the biggest players decide it should be killed.
TL;DR ----- The Banks are powerful, and they do indeed wage costly wars to sustain their monopoly on currency and credit. Today, however, their power and monopoly is in a weaker position than it has been in a hundred years, and that position will continue to destabilize. During a time of turmoil, confusion, and instability, I can't bring myself to believe that every player in the industry will see massive Bitcoin growth as nothing more than something to kill. Especially when the investment to kill Bitcoin reads something like this:
1) Make a massive purchase in ASIC hardware by buying from the Bitcoin ecosystem, inevitably driving down the price of mining hardware and increasing manufacturing capability.
2) Invest in personnel to learn the inner workings of the Bitcoin network and mining.
3) Conduct a massive, energy intensive attack on the network to spam, slow down, or counterfeit units on the network.
4) Small chance of success. Considering the adaptive nature of the network, the sleeping hardware that could retaliate, the numerous alt-chains, the decentralization of the network, and the open-source nature of the protocol, the attack could in fact result in little more than a software update and a chain fork, or simply a few difficult days of transacting. All problems that Bitcoin has dealt with before.
5) Little to no guarantee that this re-encourages anything other than a very short term increase in the demand for the dollar or banking credit. Not even close to the assurance of installing a "dollar-loving" dictator in a resource rich country.
6) Lastly, take a complete loss on personnel investment, training, implementation, and astounding amounts of computational hardware that is useful for no other purpose than mining Bitcoin. Possibily have to do it all over again for a different cryptocurrency. .....
7) Profit?
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J'ai visité la Maison du Bitcoin

Je n'y étais pas hier pour la journée d'inauguration, à mon grand dam.
Travaillant dans le coin, j'ai donc décidé d'y faire un crochet vers midi. Une salade hors de prix engloutie en deux-deux, mes petits pas me mènent vers la rue du Caire, son passage couvert, cette façade curieuse aux bas-reliefs egyptionnants. Arrivée devant la Maison du Bitcoin.
Un énorme autocollant reprenant le logo ( non Unicode ) barre la façade vitrée. L'immeuble est beau, donnant le change à son ami Numa juste en face, lieu de startups et d'innovation sur deux fois plus d'étages. Nous sommes accueillis simplement par Thomas, l'un des deux fondateurs. "Alors, vous êtes plutôt curieux ou passionnés ? - les deux mon capitaine !". La discussion va vite. Il connaît son sujet, nous aussi, les thèmes principaux sont abordés avant de faire un tour rapide du lieu.
Dans l'entrée trônent deux rigs de minage, regroupant un total de 18 cartes graphiques. "Une relique du passé, pas rentable" nous précise Thomas. Ils ont prévu un espace réfrigéré pour stocker des ASIC en commande, et certains de leurs clients également. Tout est ventilé dans une belle verrière insonorisée que nous verrons tout à l'heure. Dans un coin de la boutique, un espace réservé à la vente, avec une machine Lamassu allumée. C'est très amusant comme appareil, bien fait, et en combinaison avec PiperWallet, un petit générateur de wallet sur papier thermique, utilisable immédiatement par qui veut s'acheter des bitcoin en cash ! Ceci est une vraie révolution. Je repense à ma première fois, passé par Virwox en Linden Dollars avec 15% de commission pour 0,1 BTC à 80€/BTC. Hors de prix ! Désormais, c'est plus facile. J'espérais secrètement voir une machine qui me rachète mes Bitcoin, mais comme nous l'expliquera Eric que nous rencontrerons plus tard, le régulateur a des exigences difficiles à formaliser dans cet univers.
"Comment appliquer les règles AML et KYC sur ces systèmes ? Ce sont des questions que toute entreprise commerçant en Bitcoin sera forcée de se poser. Nous travaillons sur un framework pour aider les entreprises à intégrer le protocole en respectant la juridiction" nous annoncent les fondateurs. Car voici le point le plus délicat du moment: est-ce possible de réguler Bitcoin ? Comment, dans quel but, et avec quels moyens ? Questions ouvertes. Les bureaux sont encore en travaux, des finitions. "Nous pensons atteindre notre potentiel d'incubateur d'ici quelques mois, et nous avons déjà quelques demandes de formation sur Bitcoin".
Bilan de ma visite:
Si vous vous intéressez à Bitcoin et ses copains, Paris est désormais un bon point de chute.
Rendez-vous à Amsterdam le 15 ?
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[Résumé] White paper de Ethereum

tl;dr : Même résumé, ce white-paper est vraiment énorme. Les plus faignants devraient lire uniquement Pourquoi une nouvelle chaîne ? et Les contrats. L'un décrit la philosophie générale du projet, l'autre est l'innovation la plus impressionnante.
Pourquoi une nouvelle chaîne ?
Le protocole Bitcoin est très bien pour gérer une monnaie. Quand on a voulu implémenter d'autres concepts tels que "colored coins" et "smart property" de façon décentralisée, on a d'abord essayé de le faire en s'appuyant sur la blockchain Bitcoin. C'est la meilleure façon de faire, en informatique et surtout en cryptographie que de réutiliser un maximum de composants éprouvés.
Seulement si le protocole Bitcoin est très bien pour gérer une monnaie, il n'est pas prévu pour être générique. Du coup, implémenter des choses différentes dans la blockchain peut relever du casse-tête et demander de faire des choix discutables pour tout faire fonctionner.
Ethereum propose donc une blockchain prévue pour être générique. Léger en fonctionnalité, l'accent est mit sur la souplesse du protocole. Ainsi, si au départ Ethereum ne fait pas grand chose, il évoluera avec le temps et les idées de chacun.
La blockchain Ethereum
Dans cette partie, nous verront les principales différences entre la blockchain Ethereum et la blockchain Bitcoin.
** Version modifiée de GHOST **
Dans la blockchain Bitcoin, un bloc en suit toujours un et un seul autre. Si deux blocs valides suivent le même bloc, un seul des deux sera retenu dans la chaîne officielle, l'autre sera déclaré orphelin.
Le problème de cette approche est que la puissance de calcul qui a servi à générer le bloc orphelin est purement et simplement perdue. Cela a un impact considérable lorsqu'il y a beaucoup d'orphelins. Hors augmenter la vitesse de création des blocs (un bloc toute les dix minutes pour Bitcoin) augmente le nombre de blocs orphelins, cette augmentation est donc dangereuse pour la sécurité de la chaîne.
GHOST permet de palier à ce problème de puissance de calcul perdu. Ceci en faisant en sorte qu'un bloc référence non seulement son parent, mais aussi les blocs orphelins. Ainsi les orphelins ne sont plus perdus et renforcent, par leur proof of work, la difficulté pour un attaquant de créer une chaine parallèle.
Note : une description plus détaillée de GHOST est disponible en français ici.
La version de GHOST proposée par Etherneum est très légèrement modifiée. Principalement un bloc ne peut plus référencer n'importe quel orphelin de la chaîne, mais seulement les frères de son bloc parent. Ça réduit le rattrapage d'orphelins à un seul niveau, mais ça permet d'éviter que des petits malins s'amusent à miner des orphelins à côté du Genesis bloc là où la difficulté est moindre.
Avec ça l'intervalle entre les blocs sera de 60 secondes et la sécurité devrait être comparable à celle de Litecoin qui propose des blocs espacés de 2 minutes 30.
** La monnaie du réseau **
La monnaie du réseau sera l'ether. Son nom n'est pas le même que celui du protocole pour éviter les confusions comparables à celles qui existent entre le bitcoin (unité de compte) et le Bitcoin (protocole). Toujours pour éviter les polémiques qui remplissent le forum, les sous-unité de l'ether sont déjà nommées (ou presque) 1 ether = 1 000 finney = 1 000 000 szabo = ... = 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 wei. Les noms compris dans le "..." ne sont pas encore définits.
Cette monnaie reste sommaire. Il n'y a pas d'histoire de double signatures, de transactions dans le futur,... Toutes ces choses-là pourront être implémentées dans les contrats que nous verrons plus bas. L'utilité première de cette monnaie est de pouvoir payer les frais de transaction et servir de récompense pour les mineurs assurant la sécurité du réseau.
Dans Bitcoin, il n'y a pas de notion directe de solde à une adresse. Les transactions génèrent des "sorties" qui peuvent être utilisées pour créer de nouvelles transactions. Le solde d'une adresse est donc la somme de la valeur des sorties non dépensées associées à une adresse. Ethereum élimine ce concept que personne ne comprend. Ethereum tient à jour une association "adresse = solde" pour toutes les adresses qui ont plus de zéro ether.
D'un point de vue financier, le projet Ethereum sera crowdfundé (euh... il y a un verbe équivalent en français ?). Ce n'est pas technique comme information, mais ça à son importance pour la répartition des premiers ether. En effet, les investisseurs et le projet lui-même se partageront une somme initiale en ether. Ensuite les mineurs prendront le relais comme créateurs de valeur. Les blocs généreront toujours la même quantité d'ether, ayant deux effets. Premier effet, la valeur initiale acquise par les investisseurs va s'amenuiser peu à peu, il n'y a pas de nombre maximum d'ether jamais créé. L'inflation sera tout de même réduite au fil du temps, si produire 50 pièces quand il y a 50 pièces en circulation crée une inflation de 100%, produire 50 pièces sur 5000 pièces en circulation crée une inflation d'1%.
** Algorithme de Minage **
Bitcoin utilise des hash sha256 pour son proof of work. Demandant au mineur de trouver une valeur d'un champ libre de son bloc telle que le hash du bloc soit suffisamment prêt de zéro. Ce qui est "suffisamment" prêt est réglé par la difficulté. Cette façon de faire pose un problème : les ASIC. Ces machines qui coûtent un bras et rendent n'importe quelle carte graphique as-been on une vilaine tendance à concentrer la puissance de calcul dans les bras des plus riches. Et une puissance de calcul concentrée est mauvaise pour la sécurité.
Une autre façon de faire est d'utiliser Scrypt à la place de sha256 comme algorithme de hash. Scrypt est plus gourmand en mémoire, rendant les ASIC moins efficace comparés aux systèmes généralistes. Seulement Scrypt ne demande que 128 kilo octets de mémoire et les fabricants d'ASIC commencent à arriver à trouver des designs qui valent le coup. On ne peux pas simplement augmenter la mémoire consommée par Scrypt, car c'est une lame a double tranchant. Il faut beaucoup de mémoire pour calculer le proof of work, mais il en faut autant pour vérifier le proof of work. Demander a tous les noeuds du réseau de disposer autant de mémoire qu'un laptop moderne pourrait faire sauter beaucoup de raspberry-pi.
Pour pallier aux problèmes de Scrypt, Ethereum utilisera un autre algorithme de minage (pas basé sur du brute forçage de hash) nommé Dagger qui devrait prendre 100 Mega octets de mémoire pour générer le proof of work, mais seulement 100 Kilo octets pour le vérifier.
** Transactions **
Une transaction contient l'adresse du receveur, le nombre d'ether transférée, des données arbitraires et une signature. L'adresse de l'expéditeur peut-être déterminée depuis la signature.
La partie la plus intéressante c'est la présence de données arbitraires. On peut y metre ce qu'on veut (si j'ai bien compris). Le protocole définit son utilisation pour créer les contrats... Que nous verrons très vite.
Une autre chose à noter, il n'y a aucun moyen de préciser les frais de transactions. Ceux-ci sont déduit automatiquement et la transaction ne sera valide que si l'adresse source a assez de fond pour payer la valeur et les frais. Les frais de transactions auront le droit a leur propre paragraphe.
Les contrats
Les contrats sont des agents virtuels dans le réseau. Ils ont une adresse avec laquelle ils peuvent emmètre et recevoir des ether, un programme qui est activé quand le contrat reçoit une transaction, un espace mémoire volatile pour faire ses calculs (une espèce de mémoire vive) et un espace mémoire persistant pour y stocker des données entre deux activations.
Le programme est écrit dans un langage spécifique, étudié pour les spécificités d'Ethereum. Ce langage est Turing-complet, c'est-à-dire qu'il dispose d'une entrée, d'une sortie et permet de résoudre à peu près n'importe quel problème. Ses entrées sont principalement les fameuses données arbitraires des transactions qu'il reçoit et sa sortie est l'espace mémoire persistant. En plus de ça, le langage permet d'envoyer des transactions et d'inspecter la blockchain.
Pour illustrer ce que les contrats peuvent faire, dans le white-paper vous pourrez trouver plein d'exemples d'implémentations simplistes de problèmes courrants. Il y a une monnaie alternative, un produit dérivé financier, une émulation de Namecoin (pas simpliste, vraiment minimaliste) et plein d'autres embryons d'idées.
Pour créer un contrat, on doit envoyer une transaction sans adresse de destination, contenant le code du programme. L'adresse du contrat est déterminée à partir du hash de la transaction qui l'a créé. C'est à cette adresse qu'il faut envoyer des transactions quand on veut activer le programme.
Les frais de transaction
Dans Bitcoin les frais de transaction sont optionnels, au pire la transaction est rejetée ou délayée longtemps. Dans Ethereum, autoriser de ne pas mettre de frais de transaction serait infaisable. Les agents exécutent des programmes Turing-complet, si un de ces programmes faisait une boucle infini gratuitement, il mettrait a genoux le réseau en un rien de temps.
Bilan, des frais de transaction en dur et non-négociables. Il y a des frais différents pour à peu prêt tout, de l'envoie d'une transaction a l'exécution d'une ligne de code par un agent. Pour que ces frais s'ajustent avec le temps ils se basent sur un frai de base qui change en fonction de la difficulté. Plus la difficulté est grande, plus le frai de base est petit. Ainsi, si le court (en bourse) de l'ether augmente, les mineurs sont incités à ajouter plus de puissance de calcul et les frais diminuent pour compenser l'augmentation de la valeur de l'ether. Au contraire si le court diminue et que des mineurs se retirent, les frais augmentent puisque l'ether à moins de valeur.
Quelques références :
Elles sont toutes en anglais.
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A massive 10 day Litecoin media awareness drive. We need more people to know about this great currency.

I'm calling for a massive 10 day media push.
While the hype of bitcoin is ramping up Journalists are looking for another twist on the old bitcoin story.
If you are good at writing copy then please write a press release and post it hear.
If you do contact media please put what you wrote to them in this post so others can get an idea of where to go.
When writing a press release try to think, "what makes a great story?". Think of headlines that are re printable.
"People now making a fortune on bitcoin backup plan"
"Homeless people getting fed with crypto-currencies" And then go on about bitcoin and litecoin at seans outpost.
It is fine to talk about both bitcoin and litecoin but I would stay away from other alts.
Most Journalists take press releases and just re print them because they are lazy so write one that is ready to go. If you need tips on writing press releases please google it. If you find good tips then please post here and help others out.
As you can see I'm a shocking speller and thats why I haven't written a press release.
Here are some points you could mention in a press release to the media
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September is litecoin acceptance drive month. If you love litecoin and want to see it gain value and acceptance then join in. The plan is to have everyone that holds litecoin to contact at least 4 businesses or exchanges this month. Thats only 1 a week! Click to see talking points.

The network effect is super important and litecoin has the second largest network effect under bitcoin but it is still very small. Those of us that are early adopters (if you have litecoin now then you are an early adopter) and want to see their net worth grow in value have to put a bit of work in to get other people to accept this great currency. I have been in Crypto currencies since bitcoin was at $0.80 cents I really feel for many reasons that litecoin is an important part of crypto moving forward and that it is needed just as much as bitcoin.
If you need some convincing talking points to why companies and exchanges should accept litecoin then...
If you have anymore talking points then please add them below.
Remember we don't need to go on about the differences between LTC and BTC but also why it is good to accept crypto currencies in General.
Post your successes bellow and if you get people that sound a little interested maybe mention them here so we can show them more love. :)
EDIT :great point from @maliciousbanana I have edited his post a bit. If malicious organisations with enough resources to mount an attack on the BTC blockchain appeared, they could not use the same hardware against LTC because the hash algorithms used are different (SHA256 vs SCRYPT) so that organisation will need double the resources to attack both networks which is very very unlikely. This is why diversification into litecoin lowers your risk of unseen problems.
EDIT you can find businesses that where open minded enough to accept bitcoin here.
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We introduce you the new Lithuanian cryptocurrency - BitLitas (LTL)
What is BitLitas?
The Lithuanian Litas has been a distinct unit of currency during separate periods in its history until it was replaced by Euro in 2015. Come 2018 - the 100 year anniversary of the restoration of independence for Lithuania, seeing the rise of multiple national cryptocurrencies and believing it has not only the right but also the potential to exist we resurrected Litas back to life as a digital cryptocurrency BitLitas (LTL). The currency based on blockchain technology.
By using the common European currency we are partly dependent on EU where the birth of Bitlitas if needed could return that monetary exchange power to people. In the wake of different cryptocurrencies in the world we think there's a demand and space in Lithuania for decentralized services. If needed it could bear the benefits of resisting the possibilities of government corruption where everyone could choose other means of exchange that ineffective government just can't control.
We do not want to reinvent the wheel and chose Cryptonight technology as the core because of its high privacy level. Transactions go through open ring, it is signed by 3-5 or more users and therefore the real sender can not be identified. The quantity of transaction is hidden too. Basically you could call it the Lithuanian hard fork of Monero which aims to be a fungible and untraceable digital medium of exchange and has a higher degree of privacy than Bitcoin blockchain where all the transactions of any participants are fully traceable and can lead to censorship of the assets. With BitLitas you have enhanced privacy, independent and decentralized system of free exchange medium. Decentralized P2P cryptocurrencies do not belong to anyone. It is supported only by the initiatives of anyone wishing to participate in the open code community and only the holders of BitLitas determine its real market value ruled solely by the law of supply and demand. It can also be mined by anyone providing computing resources to support the network where everything gets determined by mathematical algorithm.
The number of people interested and getting involved is very promising. Even after simple steps in the near future such as spreading the word on social media we are definitely expecting to see a much bigger interest. We have ambitions to further develop and apply the exsisting BitLitas platform to be suitable and easily integrated for online retailing. There are many technological approaches that could allow to use the new Lithuanian cryptocurrency more easily and widely.
We learned there are many bright minds and crypto enthusiasts not only in Lithuania so we encourage them to come together, innovate, support the project join and benefit the open code community. If someone wishes to participate in development and improvement please don't hesitate to contact. Everyone is mostly welcome.
Max supply: 18M Coins Symbol: LTL Hash algorithm: CryptoNight (Proof-Of-Work) Block reward: 15.9x LTL (decreases each block) Block time: 60 sec Block Maturity: 60 blocks
Anonymity & data protection Untraceable payments Unlinkable transactions with random data by the sender ASIC-resistant, only CPU/GPU mining Fast transactions Very low fees
2018 Q1-Q4: BitLitas blockchain launch BitLitas pool launch Windows wallet Linux wallet MAC wallet Android app iOS app Exchange listings Own exchange launch WooCommerce/PrestoShop/Magento/WHMCS[/OpenCart plugins Web wallet
Coming soon...
Unofficial LTL trading Discord Channel
Website: | local: Official pool: | local: Blocks explorer: | local: Windows GUI wallet: Linux CLI wallet: Android app: GitHub: Discord: Twitter:
Donations will be used to fund development and bounty/community projects
LTL: 439UJXHNUDDLwX3ip1J8UWMHB3wT5hmaT37LRswahuXNFcbriRfa9G5Kzpb7ziALrv81potK9amZKNm 3Yz5FFrhG1mubdMU ETH: 0x2456e3Df3c822C0BD4208a310B822b8D4a5437A2 LTC: MWLQZYvpXfuCLJZh2L8nXEBdG7t8tFR1xv
Thank you!
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So I'm told my upgradable 50GH $1K ASIC clone order is complete

8/3/13 Update: Hey this post made the sidebar! Oh wait. That ain't good. Still no update from mfg. No tracking #. Site actually still shows my order as processing. If they prove skeptics wrong, I'll update it. newest TL; DR: Don't be "that guy." Don't order from ASX Project.
7/28/13: I admit I was feeling a bit uneasy about this Avalon clone ASIC miner order I made with ASX Project. The "resources" on Bitcoin Talk still sees this as a straight scam. I actually emailed the company a letter reminding them about karma due to a lack of progress/updates for the 2 days past their shipping date.
It was money I can afford to lose, but hell, who likes to lose money on a calculated gamble? To be honest I was about ready to write it off (and still willing to write off) with maybe a token complaint to a Shenzhen anti-corruption agency of some sort. I don't have a tracking # yet but man it'd be a helluva coup if a newbie like me can come online in the next week or two with 50GH out of left field. ETA? Will update as it progresses, I did ask for a tracking #.
Planning on immediately ordering 3 more modules to nearly triple my hash rate to 125GH if I see it running without too many errors/issues for 24 hours. 25Gh/s Modules sell for $300. FWIW: I'm so new my 1st ever mining equipment: a BFL Jally arrives Mon.
TL;DR: N00b takes a gamble on $1K 50GH/s Avalon ASIC clone ~2 weeks ago: allegedly shipping. It's still Caveat Emptor until someone has vid/photos of ASX Project miners in the wild
Text below:
Hi there. Your recent order on ASX Project has been completed. Your order details are shown below for your reference:
Order: #4XX
ASX Bitcoin Mining System (25-125 GH/s) Assembly: No, Extra ASIC Module: +1 (50 GH/s System) 1 $999
Cart Subtotal: $999
Shipping: Free Shipping
Order Total: $999
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Avalon ASIC - Who's Real and Who's Faking?

I've been checking out the ASIC miners (both BFL and Avalon) and I'm having some problems deciphering what is Avalon's real website. Not sure if: or
Maybe I'm a total botard and neither of these sites are legit. Anyone in the know, help a Bitcoin enthusiast out!
EDIT: I also noticed that is using the inferior WordPress Shopping cart system, while is using good ol' reliable Magento for their e-commerce. In my mind, this adds a dash of legitimacy to
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Word of warning to those of you considering buying from GAWminers

In the hopes of helping prevent someone else from falling for the same trap, I will brief you on my experience with GAWminers (a seller of ASIC mining hardware, in case you're not already familiar)
To begin with, let me just say I've never been too serious about mining Dogecoin. I already know I missed that boat when I was too late to the bitcoin party. I just like to have enough to play around with, tip out, or more recently, play some Dogecoin poker on IRC in #dogecoin-holdem (it's not mine, I just have lots of fun there). So, over the past 8 months or so, I've sort of made it a hobby to buy some hardware to grab some more doge out of the ether. A video card here and there, a new power supply to support a couple of 7970s in one box, etc. Y'know, stuff I'll still be able to use long after cryptocoins are long forgotten or whatever.
I looked from afar as ASICs took over Bitcoin and always assumed they'd make their way over to Scrypt, and that I might dabble in one at some point just for funsies.
In early July, that moment came. I saw the GAWminers fury, and after being beeped on IRC every other minute by somebody talking about their GAWminers fury (my username and their product name is an unfortunate coincidence), I decided it was time to give it a shot. Except instead of one, it was 3. Three GAWminers fury ASICs. Just for funsies. $105 each, at the time. $315 to basically have double my previous max hashing power in less than 1/10th of the power. I figure, I've spent at least twice that much on a video card which I don't use 90% of the time, might as whale. Dogecoin's fun, and this will get me more doge.
Only, it didn't stop there. I got them set up, and a week later, I could not help myself, I went ahead and bought a Black Widow too. It was priced at $450 at the time, except I had a $10 coupon sitting there for supposedly leaving my cart unchecked-out for a while. Might as whale. This same day, the price of the fury was dropped to $60 each. Alright, no big deal, price drops happen, I'll just get a credit or a refund and put it toward another Black Widow or something. Only thing that showed up in my email inbox was "request rejected", there was no explanation or anything. I guess their policy is no, then.
Not only that, but the Black Widow shortly thereafter dropped to $350, and the fury then to $40. For those keeping count, that's a little under $300 in total price drops that happened to the stuff I bought, and that's just within a couple weeks. I can only imagine what it feels like to be one of the really early adopters of this stuff who paid over $200 for a fury, or someone who poured many thousands of dollars into it.
Fast forward to some time after GAWminers updated their site, and I got directed to the support site where it turns out I actually did get a written response to my refund request--it just never made its way to my email inbox, I didn't know this support site ever existed before. It was an apologetic offer for $50 store credit and a brief claim that whatever they're pricing it at is already lower than what they get charged by their suppliers, and if they gave every customer a refund they'd go out of business, etc. (Wouldn't one go out of business by always charging less than what it costs to buy the stuff? I'm not terribly good at economics, though I would think making it up in volume is still a net negative)
I chose to give the benefit of the doubt. These are human beings behind these companies after all, and they're just trying to stay above water in a fiercely competitive and rapidly changing world. What would I do in their shoes? I don't know.
So, given their offer of a store credit (which I have not yet seen applied to my account), and some apparent speculation from the GAW CEO that mining hardware is no longer being manufactured and may rise in price, I chalk it up to bad luck, I've never been a particularly good gambler, and I'll just continue to have fun with the doge I'm mining, maybe bite once more if the mood feels right.
Sure enough, a few days ago, I see this OneMiner thing offering a Lightning X6, 42 MH/s for $700. Not a bad price, I thought to myself, as I had just spent $750 for about 20 MH/s from GAWminers. Might as whale. At this point, I am completely unaware that OneMiner is a GAWminers thing. I know, a quick Google search would have solved that question for me, but it didn't occur to me. I sure found out once the charge appeared on my bank card. $1400 for a pair of Lightning X6's from my friends at good ol' GAWminers. I meant to only purchase 1, but apparently somewhere along the line I double clicked the "I want one" button and had added a second one to my cart. Strike two for my attentiveness and foresight. That's fine, though, I was ready and willing to roll with that. I easily blow that much on phones or tablets that I hardly use. Might as whale. And GAWminers had in fact extended an offer for some store credit, so I figure they're decent enough people and I might take that store credit and buy a little thing later on to grab a few more gigglehashes.
Less than 24 hours later, the GAW CEO posted a $150 Black Widow sale (the thread for which is now deleted from hashtalk). One third the price I had just paid for a Black Widow a few weeks ago. Effectively, 6 of those would've roughly equalled the hashing rate I had just spent $1400 on (not counting the difference in power usage), so I feel like I just wasted $500 in a matter of hours. So much for mining hardware going up in price.
That's it for me. Even if they do give me the $50 store credit, I'm done doing business with a company that treats their customers in this way. They're afraid they'll go out of business if they credit back the hundreds of dollars in rapid price drops I've helped them subsidize? How about they're going to go out of business if they keep doing this and losing customers to it?
These games they play with people's hard-earned dollars only have one winner, and that winner's name is GAWminers. This stopped being fun, and shit got real, real quick.
I know, shit already got real when I spent over $2,000 again for hardware to mine a coin. I lost sight of my real goal, which was just to have fun and make more dogecoins and be able to play around with it more. But I also lost sleep over this. I lost money that I could have spent giving something good to the community or doing something good for myself like, say, some decent clothes instead of the same 4 shirts I wear over and over again. I consider myself fortunate that I didn't go even further and lose even more.
To be clear: this is entirely my fault. GAWminers' business model is very clear in that they do not care about customers--there are numerous threads just like mine all over the internet, most of them even worse off than me. The business model apparently works for GAW, or they'd have changed their policies to something more in line with other companies that I do business with. I take full responsibility for my lack of control and my being too trusting, and getting in too deep for my own good. I post this not to fish for sympathy, nor to shame GAWminers into refunding me or giving me more store credit. Like I said, I've decided I'm no longer doing business with that company anyway--it would take a pretty significant effort on their part to earn back my trust, and it wouldn't be worth it to them in the long run. Rather, I post this in the hopes that it keeps someone else from going down this same path.
It's the story of my life. Missed opportunities. It's already too late, I missed my chance to get filthy rich off bitcoin by not mining with my 7970 for all of 2012, there's nothing I can do now that will make up for it and I don't know why I thought pouring hundreds of dollars down the drain would.
Don't get lost in the same trap I did. Curb your appetite for the gigglehashes, and be content with the 20 or 30 doge you now receive per day with your dual core CPU. Or just be happy hanging around on IRC or reddit collecting tips and watching as people happily burn billions of doge. ASIC mining is a dangerous hobby to get into, and it's easy to lose your ass if you're not careful.
I leave you with a Kenny Rogers song:
Time to fold 'em and run.
  1. Doge is fun. I bought 4 or 5 video cards this year to mine more doge, because doge is fun.
  2. I bought a few furies for funsies.
  3. Price drops on the furies the same day I buy a Widow. Price drops on the Widows shortly thereafter.
  4. GAWminers doesn't want to go out of business, won't credit me the full amount of the price drop.
  5. Bought a couple of Lightning X6's on OneMiner
  6. Turns out OneMiner is GAWminers. My bad.
  7. GAWminers cuts price on Black Widow by another couple hundred dollars.
  8. GAWminers doesn't want to go out of business, but won't stop dropping prices immediately after stupid people like me purchase hundreds of dollars worth of hardware.
  9. This isn't fun anymore. Don't make the same mistakes I did.
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BFL is possibly misleading customers to get pre-orders.

On their 300GH and 600GH cards BFL has now replaced the "Pre-Order" button with an "Order" button instead.
Nothing about the checkout procedure itself even hints this is a pre-order.
The few notices that these are pre-orders are at the main products page: Here Huh, look at that, those buttons say pre-order instead..
and some various text mostly near the bottom of the individual pages.
This is a pre-order. 28nm ASIC bitcoin mining hardware products are shipped according to placement in the order queue, and delivery may take 3 months or more after order. All sales are final.
I'm sorry but shouldn't the product name have "PRE-ORDER" affixed to it? Especially when it's in the cart..
I can easily skim the page, think I'm getting an awesome deal, add it to my cart and make full unrefundable payment without notice otherwise.
This strikes me as deceptive sales practices. Be alert guys!
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    6. Dash's privacy feature has never been broken - Turns out Monero's privacy feature has never really worked to begin with (39 points, 43 comments)
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Helpful Bitcoin Links Please Donate

I'm looking to raise some money to develop a advanced Bitcoin shopping cart system. I'm trying to raise some money so I've compiled a list of helpful links for those of you who use or plan on using Bitcoins. Please donate to my Bitcoin address if you find this list helpful and to help the development of my projects
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  1. -The basic website for bitcoin
  2. -Information for people that know little to nothing about btc
  3. -Best website to track down transactions
  4.‎ -Trusted with btc transactions, gives good current value of the coin but don't recommend depositing USD to buy coin from them
  5. DO NOT RECOMMEND USD DEPOSITS. Great for foreigners that can do deposits because bitcoin is always 15-17 dollars cheaper so you can buy there and sell on mtgox
  6.‎ -Brings some good news and promote btc
  7. -The ebay for bitcoins. Buy and sell items for bitcoins
  8. -One of my all time favorite websites. Has everything possible that you need to know about btc and constantly updates information
  9. -Raise bitcoins for different causes
  10. Obviously
  11. Good to buy/sell, and run your business with
  12. If you have large amount of coins and don't plan on spending them anytime soon then store them in custom wallets
  13. Good mining profit calc for sha and scrypt
  14. Has the news but updates late sometimes, and not organized
  15. Interesting articles everyday
  16. simplest way to mine btc. fast and reliable
  17. -Good information but just another in my opinion
Best websites to purchase mining hardware
  1. -Number one because the ship almost instantly. Rates do tend to me a lot more but you know for sure you are getting what you ordered in a week and a half of less. No BS preordering and mess
  2. -2th miner for 14k. Best deal, has the most reputable staff, and is more for the customers then themselves
  3. -somewhat new the game but already shipping and producing! Definitely one of the best mining companies in the game (us buyers can now purchase off of their website now to or their resellers website at )
  4. -400 gh miner, yet to ship, but seems reliable
  5. -Can't buy anything, beat butterfly labs, but is becoming less and less dependable by the day
  6. waiting on avalon chips, could turn out to be a good company but companies that can develop chips on their own such as cointerra are your best bet
  7. -Trying to catch up in the asic miner game, could possibly be a reliable company in the near future
Best Web Sites To Spend Your Bitcoins
  2. The Ebay of Bitcoin
Desktop Bitcoin Wallet
  1. Compatible with both Mac and PC
Mining Pools For BitCoin
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Les ASIC sont-ils rentables ? [BITCOIN, DASH, LITECOIN] Buy An ASIC or GPU For Mining Right Now? - YouTube ASIC Miner Boosting - YouTube Mute 90 gold asic bitcoin mining 1600W Modular PC Power ... 24H À NEW YORK QU'AVEC DES BITCOINS - YouTube

Mises en lumière depuis quelques mois grâce au phénomène Bitcoin, les crypto-monnaies restent encore un concept méconnu du grand public. Mais après notre article théorique du mois dernier ... Le monde du minage de bitcoin est maintenant en migration vers les Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). Un ASIC est une puce conçue spécifiquement afin d'accomplir une seule et unique tâche. Contrairement aux FPGAs, un ASIC ne peut pas être reprogrammé pour effectuer d'autres tâches. Un ASIC conçu pour miner des bitcoins ne peut et ne pourra rien faire d'autre que de miner ... Best ASIC devices for Bitcoin mining in 2018. For those who want to start their own Bitcoin mining today, you’ll need ASIC devices that are specifically designed and built for such purposes. These devices are expensive as well as difficult to purchase. However, on instances, you’ll also have to buy a good quality-PSU (power supply) in-order to ensure maximum efficiency. When you are ... Pour cela, vous devrez vous équiper d’une carte ASIC. C’est une carte que vous installerez de la même manière qu’une carte graphique et qui vous permettra d’avoir la puissance nécessaire au minage sans qu’elle soit pour autant trop gourmande en énergie. Cependant, si vous voulez éviter un tel investissement, vous pouvez également utiliser le cloud mining. C’est un système q @ user898617 Non. Le facteur limitant à quelle vitesse vous pouvez extraire est le nombre de scrypts que vous pouvez faire, et les ASIC d'extraction de Bitcoin ne font pas de scrypts. – David Schwartz 11 févr.. 14 2014-02-11 22:17:56

[index] [39437] [14364] [29373] [24265] [43049] [42879] [46471] [6771] [14273] [5578]

Les ASIC sont-ils rentables ? [BITCOIN, DASH, LITECOIN]

Vosk reviews how to build the best cheap beginner crypto GPU mining rig in a few easy steps! Anyone can build this Duo Mining Rig for less than $1000 with no... Bonjour à toutes et à tous ! Nous l'avons fait. Nous sommes partis à New York et nous avons essayé de vivre 24 heures en utilisant uniquement des monnaies di... Hash power: 460 - 520 GH/s Power consumption: 800 W @ 220V 6U rack Steel chassis 15 x 80 mm fans Modular 12 PCBs 16 BitFury chips each card 2.75 - 3.0 GH/s per chip Custom miner BeagleBone ... ASIC Miner Boosting - Boost yout miner to make more bitcoins. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Home Trending History Get YouTube Premium Get YouTube TV Best of YouTube Music Sports Gaming Movies ... August 2020 Update - January 2020 Update on my Crypto Mining Farm at my Apartment. I'll be going over my mining rigs, my cpu rig...