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The End of Net Neutrality Means ISPs Could Crack Down on Cryptocurrencies

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Now, experts worry that repealing net neutrality protections could harm them by allowing service providers to restrict access to key access portals or make them more expensive to use.
On December 14, the US Federal Communications Commission will vote to repeal Obama-era protections that classified the internet under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, which allowed the agency to ban practices like speed throttling and "Fast lanes." This net neutrality legislation enshrined in policy that service providers should treat all content as equal.
What does this have to do with cryptocurrencies? Well, cryptocurrencies are money on the internet, and many people buy and sell them on established, public websites called exchanges.
According to Cornell University computer science professor Emin Gün Sirer, even if popular sites like Coinbase can pony up and pay a service provider for faster traffic in the name of good business, individual uses of cryptocurrencies could still suffer.
Cryptocurrency investors, alongside internet freedom advocates and academics, are understandably worried that the end of net neutrality repeals could negatively impact their business.
What can people in cryptocurrency do to ensure that net neutrality repeals don't harm their pet tech? One option is calling an elected representative, or getting involved in campaigns that seek to change policy-makers' minds about the debate.
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Bitcoin and the “Pony” Botnet Many media sources including Reuters have recently reported a virus that has infected hundreds of thousands of computers called “Pony.” The virus is an ambitious cyber attack whereby bitcoins and other digital currencies are stolen through virtual “wallets” being compromised (estimates are that 85 of these virtual wallets have been stolen.) In what is being called one of the most ambitious cyberattacks affecting virtual currency to date, Chicago-based IT security services provider Trustwave has revealed that a crybercrime ring known as Pony botnet is using a Trojan virus to steal from 30 types of digital currency wallets. By Jim Finkle BOSTON (Reuters) - Cyber criminals have infected hundreds of thousands of computers with a virus called "Pony" to steal bitcoins and other digital currencies, in the most ambitious ... Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox disappears in blow to virtual currency (Reuters) – Mt. Gox, once the world’s biggest bitcoin exchange, looked to have essentially disappeared on Tuesday, with its website down, its founder unaccounted for and a Tokyo office empty bar a handful of protesters saying they had lost money investing in the virtual currency. The digital marketplace operator, which began ... IT security company Trustwave claims that at least $220,000 in Bitcoin and other virtual currencies has been stolen from digital wallets through the Pony botnet. In a blog posted yesterday, the Chicago-based security services provider claims the Trojan virus-based attacks can steal funds from over 30 types of wallets. According to our data, the cyber …

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